Pathways to Tertiary Education


Many people wish to know, if they home-educate their child will they be able to attend university or other tertiary educational institutions.

In short, the answer is YES!

Home-educated children can access tertiary education via alternate pathways, just like others can, such as foreign or mature-age students.

There are many ways to fulfil requirements for tertiary entrance. Here are some options below:

  • Like other students, home-schoolers can enrol in a CIT or TAFE course to complete a qualification which can then lead into a university degree. Some home-schoolers achieve entrance to university before their schooled peers, whilst others have entered university as a mature aged student;
  • In NSW, home-educated children can apply for TAFE courses from the age of 15;
  • In the ACT, children from 16 years of age can attend CIT courses on campus. Contact CIT if your child is younger, as entrance may be gained with referral;
  • Open University’s Australia (link) offer a number of courses from the age of 13 and up, depending on the university. Your child can then complete a number of units (say four or six), which can then lead to an ATAR or university entrance offer; and
  • A number of universities already have many different pathways which students, who attend bricks and mortar schools, can use to gain entrance into university, without requiring an ATAR.

The Home Education Network (HEN) sells a publication titled “Other Ways to Uni and Careers” in their online shop. Information about this publication can be found on their website (link).

Also keep an eye out as many states (major cities) and territories have Careers Expos during the school year.

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